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If you are looking for professional cleaning team to remove dirt or paint from your building walls, look no further than Blast Away Ltd. We are an established cleaning company with many years of experience in removal of paint, moss, dirt and grime from all types of constructions. From cleaning oak wood structures to removing dirt from statues and walls and deep cleaning driveways, we do it all. Our team is well-trained in effective cleaning techniques including Doff Cleaning system and JOS TORC cleaning method. Our work has been consistently of a high standard and have been appreciated by customers over the years. Based in Reading, Berkshire, we have the resources to serve related cleaning requirements in Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, Hertfordshire, West Sussex and London. Feel free to call our team today for shot blasting in Reading.

Blast Away Specialist Blast Cleaning
Blast Away Professional Blast Cleaning