Specialised soda blasting work in Reading

Soda blasting is a type of abrasive cleaning whereby sodium bicarbonate particles are propelled on to a surface using compressed air. The propulsion of the soda particles causes them break up on impact. They provide enough force to remove paint or grime, but providing an otherwise non-damaging clean to a variety of surfaces.

Soda blast cleaning - for gentler approach to cleaning

Sodium bicarbonate is not a harsh chemical, and the particles are relatively soft compared to other media blasting methods, making this practice one of the milder forms of abrasive cleaning.

Depending on the nature of material and extent of damage suffered, an appropriate method will be used. Based in Reading, our services are extended to customers in Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Surrey and surrounding areas.

Blast Away Cleaning Blast Cleaning

Soda blast cleaning can be used for

Smoke, soot and fire damage cleaning


Sheet metal


Stainless steel

Fibreglass cleaning

Oak beams and other timbers

Blast Away Cleaning Company

Experienced blast cleaning

Over the years our experienced team has seen some very unedifying work done by other soda blasting companies who have used the wrong equipment, blasting materials or techniques. Unfortunately, once the damage has been done, it is usually irreversible. We will soda clean to restore your building right the first time. We also carry out a variety of other specialist cleaning methods which are specially designed for the conversation cleaning industry. We will always employ the method that would achieve the best end results. Please contact our team to discuss the work you require completed or for a site.

Soda Blasting

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