Chemical cleaning and paint stripping work in Reading

If you need thorough paint removal from your building walls, contract Blast Away Ltd for chemical and steam cleaning work. Our team will ensure that the paint is removed completely and without any damage to the wall.

Chemical cleaning specialists at your service

At Blast Away Ltd, We use certain chemicals in conjunction with high pressure or steam to remove carbon deposits from brickwork, or to remove mortar stains from new brickwork. Other chemicals, paint removers and paint softeners are used for the removal of paint from brick and stonework etc, again in conjunction with high pressure steam or by the Doff system depending on the substrate. Over the years, we have helped countless building owners clean their building constructions, no matter how complex or deep the dirt or damage was. Our work has always been of a high standard and has been well appreciated. Contact our Reading based team for your building deep cleaning requirements in Surrey, Hertfordshire, West Sussex, London and neighbouring areas.

Chemical Cleaning and Paint Stripping

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