Steam cleaning for thorough dirt removal in Reading

Those tough dirt and grime accumulation on your stonework can be easily loosened and thoroughly cleaned using a combination of high-pressure steam and water jetting. The team at Blast Away Ltd in Reading is highly experienced in the technique and can help you restore your building work well.

Effective brickwork and stonework cleaning work done

Steam cleaning can be used on its own or in conjunction with paint stripper and softeners to remove paint from brickwork, stonework and concrete or to just remove years of dirt and grime. Using this method to strip paint from brickwork is very sympathetic and does not damage the brick face unlike some other methods. Using very hot water/steam, we are able to cut through grease and oil in a far superior way to just cold pressure washing and using detergents and chemicals really improves the cleaning result. Over the years, Blast Away Ltd has provided top-quality steam cleaning services for domestic, public and commercial buildings in Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, West Sussex, London and other major areas nearby. Our work has been well-appreciated by many customers. You can rely on us to remove all manner of dirt, completely. Contact our team today.

Steam Cleaning

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