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Graffiti on walls and buildings, especially on public property, can be unsightly. Get it removed thoroughly by calling Blast Away Ltd for the job. We will ensure that your property is carefully cleaned while not being damaged in any way.

All manner of paint and graffiti removal services offered

At Blast Away Ltd we can remove graffiti from just about any surface by either using the a variety of safe and effective methods. We do the job thoroughly, not just leaving the substrate clean where the graffiti was, but we will either clean the whole wall or surface or blend the surface out the effected area. You can trust us to employ the best method that suits the particular area or substrate. In addition to graffiti removal, we can also remove the grime and dirt accumulated on your driveways over the years using high pressure jet cleaning process. Get in touch with our team and you can rest assured that your property will be cleaning thoroughly, no matter the nature of damage.

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