JOS/TORC cleaning work done in the Reading area

Ensure that the priceless heritage buildings are maintained well. Get the pollutant coatings removed from its walls by contracting the trained specialists at Blast Away Ltd. We will try our best to restore the building to its best condition.

Heritage building and conservation cleaning experts

The JOS TORC cleaning system is an effective tool for the safe removal of pollutant accumulation on buildings, especially on heritage buildings. The process uses compressed air and a mixture of fine inert powder and water. The air, powder and water are propelled through a special interchangeable nozzle creating a gentle swirling vortex which will gently and safely remove certain paints, dirt, carbon, scale, graffiti, fungus and algae etc from almost any surface without damaging the substrate either physically or chemically. The system may be used for the safe removal of carbon pollutants from stone, brick, terracotta, ceramic tiles, glass, flint etc and the removal of oxidation and sulphation from bronze, brass, copper, aluminium etc. The system is preferred by conservation and heritage organisations on older and listed.

The well-trained team at Blast Away Ltd has been using this system for conservation cleaning work and help restore heritage construction in Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Hertfordshire, London and other surrounding areas. We have achieved great results and appreciation for our work. Contact us and rest assured that the cleaning job will be done right.

JOS TORC Cleaning System

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