High Pressure Jet Cleaning

High pressure jet cleaning

High pressure jet cleaning for concrete constructions in Reading

Moss and dirt accumulation of driveways, patios and other ground constructions can not only ruin the beauty but also pose a potential safety hazard. You can ensure all the overgrowth and dirt are removed completely by contracting Blast Away Ltd for the job. We use high pressure jetting and can remove even the toughest of dirt accumulation.

Road and driveway cleaning specialist at work

The high pressure jet cleaning process is employed to clean many types of surface, removing moss, algae, dirt and grime. This method uses cold water under pressure which is aimed through a nozzle that produces a fan or a cone to cut through the pollutant. At Blast Away Ltd, we have used this application to clean car parks, farm yards, concrete stairwells, driveways, block paving, sports surfaces like tennis courts, play areas, patios and forecourts, steel buildings and frames, concrete and brickwork, timber decks, roof tiles painted rendered walls; The list goes on and on. Some of our machines produce hot water (steam) and we would use the high pressure steam method if we thought that it was appropriate. If your concrete or brickwork constructions have been vandalised by graffiti paint, we can have them cleaned as well. Contact our team and we will get started with a thorough property damage inspection.

High pressure jet cleaning work can remove tough dirt on groundwork. For driveway cleaning in Reading, contact Blast Away Ltd on
0118 959 3000

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