Blast Cleaning

Specialised blast cleaning

Specialised blast cleaning work in Reading

In the right hands, blast cleaning is an amazing tool and can achieve some wonderful results, especially to some historic buildings. Here at Blast Away Ltd, we use the most appropriate media for the type of material we are removing and the type of substrate we are removing it from.

Thorough cleaning for buildings, no matter the material

Blast cleaning is a fairly general term used for propelling a substance under pressure, down a hose and through a nozzle where it is aimed onto the surface that requires treatment. By using different media and grain size, it has a very different effect on the removal of the matter and the effect on the substrate. As with all jobs, the quality of the end result is mainly down to the experience and conscience of the blasting operator. At Blast Away Ltd, we would always use the most sympathetic method; this may take longer but the superior end results are worth it. We use and stock many types and grades of media such as bicarbonate of soda, calcium bicarbonate, crushed glass, walnut shell, salt, copper slag, grit, sand, calcite etc. We specialise in blast cleaning, sandblasting, grit blasting and soda blasting processes. Depending on the nature of material and extent of damage suffered, an appropriate method will be used. Based in Reading, our services are extended to customers in Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Surrey and surrounding areas.

Brickwork cleaning

Blast cleaning can be used for:

Driveway cleaning

Experienced cleaning team

In many years of trading, our experienced team has seen some horrors where other blasting companies have carried out jobs on old painted oak and brickwork at full pressure, using a course medium just to get the job done quickly. Once the damage has been done, it is irreversible and such companies give us a bad name. We will try our best to repair the damage and restore your building. We also carry out JOS/TORC cleaning and DOFF cleaning systems which are specially built for the conversation cleaning industry. We would always employ the method that would achieve the best end results. Contact our team for a site visit today.

Blast Cleaning

Blast cleaning cupboards
Pre and post blast cleaning

Grit Blasting

Pre and post grit blasting
Results of grit blasting
Effective Grit blasting
Grit blasting on external walls

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting on wooden staircase
Sand blasting on wooden constructions
Sand blasted on wooden beams
sand blasting on roof trusses
Building work
Blast cleaning results
Fence cleaning
Blast cleaned roof
Cleaned roof

Soda Blasting

Soda blasting
Soda blasting on property walls
Soda blasting results
Soda blasting on home walls

Has your building or property suffered extensive damage over the years? Contract Blast Away Ltd for effective sandblasting and blast cleaning work in Reading. Call us now on
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